🗓 DATE : 11th July, 2022
⏰ TIME : 11:00 AM UTC
🏠 VENUE : @thecryptostalkers

💭 Guest:
👨🏻‍💼: CEO and COO of DecentralAds



Ibrar Rasheed Q1: Enrich our audience with brief introduction about yourself and give us insight about what is DecentralAds?

Hello I am the CEO of Decentralads. I run my own Marketing Agency in Europe. My Agency was awarded for its campaigns from Forbes and Clickfunnels for example.
I founded DecentralAds because the cost of advertising doubled in the last 3 years. It’s getting harder and harder for advertisers to run profitable campaigns on Facebook or Google. We from decentralads run billboards in the metaverse and combine them with cool tweaks like S2S tracking and our own DECAD AI. DECAD Ads are way cheaper, because we cut out the middlemen making it possible to run transactions directly between the advertiser and the landowner with the billboard on his metaverse property.

Hi guys, I’m the COO of Decentralads. I joined the project to help revolutionize the advertising space and our innovative product and ecosystem will bring new transparency and efficiency to the advertising space.


Ibrar Rasheed: Q2: Briefly can you tell us about what comes in you mind while creating DecentralAds?

Actually how cool it will be for my agency and all the other advertisers to run ads on decentralads. But besides that, I experienced so much talented people working with me on DecentralAds.

For me personally, it was all about revolutionizing an industry and being the first in line to create new solutions for the web3 world. Market exists, expertise exists, all that’s left is to go live with the product 🙂

Ibrar Rasheed: Q3: What’s the latest developments of DecentralAds, How you’re removing middle men?

We have published our documentation and promotional material for the project. Our product ideation and prototype have been completed and development of the MVP will start shortly.As for removing middlemen, @mk863636 — your area of expertise

We removing middlemen by implementing blockchain technology into the transactions.Right now we work on the automated pricing and on the decisionmaking ai when and where which ad is shown.

Ibrar Rasheed: Q4: Please elaborate the Business Model of DecentralAds. Tell us more about $DECAD

Our business model is a cross between that of a SaaS platform and that of a marketplace.The business model for both our initial products (the DDN and the metaverse adspace marketplace) are quite similar with DECAD’s primary earnings coming from a slight take rate (single digits percentage) on the adspend through the platform.$DECAD token will be the primary token for transactions and will be used as the primary vehicle to share part of platform earnings with every holder

Ibrar Rasheed: Q5: Please elaborate different services & products of DecentralAds? Please elaborate the upcoming big events of DecentralAds.

We have two primary products — DDN and metaverse adspace rentals. The DDN is a decentralized image hosting solution that will be the initial GTM product.
And the Metaverse adspaces, AI sentiment/efficiency software and curated dynamic pricing systems will roll out after the DDN.

We are opening our capital raise round soon. We will announce once the start of the public round (IDO/ICO) once our private round is filled (right now 80% is complete)