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AMA RECAP : CRYPTOSTALKERS x DIGIPHARM 💻DATE : 26th December, 2022 🕒 TIME : 4:00 PM UTC 🏠 VENUE : @thecryptostalkers 🔒 : Guest 👀 : Ahmed Abdulla 🏅 : CEO INTRODUCTION: Ibrar Rasheed: Q1: Please introduce yourself and give an insight about what is Digipharm? Ahmed Digipharm|CEO: My name is Ahmed, Im the CEO of Digipharm, My background is as a health economist helping health organisations decide what high cost treatments they can afford to provide patients and citizens they are responsible for. In recent years we saw a big appetite from health organisations to become more sustainable financially while still providing good quality healthcare. This new payment model in healthcare is called value-based healthcare, where payments are based on how well the treatments work for patients but there werent any dedicated systems to implement this. At Digipharm we realised blockchain and smart contracts is a perfect way to automate the processing and management of these agreements and built the first dedicated system to do this One key aspect is the patient feedback that lets us know how well treatments are working for them, this has led to the birth of the DIGIHEALTH ecosystem which will also be a one stop health ecosystem powered by our token DGH. Here you can not just share feedback but actually recieve health services via the Digihealth ecosystem Ibrar Rasheed: Q2. Can you let us know How Digipharm works? Also what’s the competitive advantages does Digipharm have over other projects? Ahmed Digipharm|CEO: So, Digipharm is our company name but recently we rebranded our tokens to Digihealth in anticipation of the Digihealth ecosystem launch. We were formerly on Terra but now moved to BSC. What makes us unique i think is the fact that by managing and working on these new payment models with reputable health organisations and companies, we are able to deploy our patient ecosystem from a position of credibility. We know our ecosystem is on its way to being adopted by large healthcare companies which is very exciting. We are also the only company that combines our enterprise activities with a patient/public ecosystem that everyone can benefit from, whether they know about crypto or not We will be the first crypto project to literally give you global health coverage, screening services and the ability to shape how healthcare will work in the future one interesting thing right now in this environment, is that healthcare doesnt typically experience a bear market like other industries, this means our growth is not hindered like other industries such as defi Ibrar Rasheed: Q3: To build more trust can you enlist your partners/advisors? Ahmed Digipharm|CEO: We are an approved supplier on the uk governments digital marketplace We work with the NHS in the UK and top 10 pharma companies across 2 continents at the moment, soon to be 3 if things go as planned we have projects in the pipeline with 4 governmental institutions, and obviously these projects require the ultimate rigour and governance which we have been successful in managing In terms of our team we have a great combined experience in the health industry and personally i am on the advanced tech advisory board at the UN Centre for trade facilitation and E business Ibrar Rasheed: Q4.Can you please tell us about team ? Ahmed Digipharm|CEO: Our team has a combined experience of more then 140 years in the pharma and health industry. We have a strong network in the health and pharma industry that enables us to reach decision makers and get our platforms into some of the biggest health organisations globally. Our team is available to see on Linkedin our CTO Mike was responsible for developing some of the most important features for the IT systems at the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK Ibrar Rasheed: Q5: What is planned for 2023? Can you drop roadmap of Digipharm? Ahmed Digipharm|CEO: We will be launching the Digihealth ecosystem in Q1, this will have services available for uses such as the health coverage, screening and epigenetic profiling which gives you health and diet advice based on how your genetics are changing over time. We have some partnerships to announce with healthcare providers in the coming months. We will also begin to build out the DGH ecosystem, to make sure that the DGH token is a key cog in the Digihealth wheel. This includes user rewards, token buy backs and burns. We have taken some inspiration from being on Terra and hope to make Digihealth as exciting as Luna once was! Our B2B activities will also continue to scale up, we are working on growing our sales and commercialisation teams. I also anticipate the listing of DGH on further exchanges, we are currently only on MEXC TWITTER QUESTIONS: Ibrar Rasheed, [12/26/2022 8:33 AM] 1-How will DIGIPHARM change the way that healthcare is provided around the world to be more patient-centered and economical?What is value-based pricing, exactly, and how does it apply to the global healthcare sector? Ahmed Digipharm|CEO: value based pricing is all about making healthcare work for the patient. Health organisations are starting to prioritise what they give to patients based on how well it works for patients, This means that there is now a massive incentive for manufacturers of drugs and devices to identify good performing patients (they can do this via special screening and testing). This is the biggest catalyst for personalised care in recent times. Any reputable health organisation is moving to this model, this is why it is so important that patients are part of it from now, to help shape it and be included financially — this is where Digipharm can help one more point, we also help providers give the most innovative and expensive therapies because when they use our system, when the patient does not respond well to the treatment, there is nothing to pay! We are no longer at the stage of educating hospitals about value based healthcare, it is happening, whether anyone likes it



AMA RECAP : CRYPTOSTALKERS x ZEBEC 💻DATE : 13th December, 2022 🕒 TIME : 4:00 PM UTC 🏠 VENUE : @thecryptostalkers 🔒 : Guest 🤔 : ji ortiz 🏅 : Zebec Protocol Senior BD   INTRODUCTION: Ibrar Rasheed: 1-Zebec’s ecology involves how many segments? jj ortiz: Zebec has a lot of projects in its ecosystem and range from different types of genres. From Defi, to Tooling, to Gamefi, to NFTs and even a Web3 Sneaker companies. We have a large portion of partners over in the Solana ecosystem since we have been in the SOL ecosystem since our inception. As we have expanded onto BSC, we are looking to keep our expansion going to these sectors as well, and work with them by providing our solutions — as well as integrating our token. Ibrar Rasheed: 2-How does ZBC operate or circulate within these ecosystems? jj ortiz: ZBC is Zebec’s governance token and the token that will be fueling our ecosystem. Once the Zebec Card launches — our ZBC Cash Back Staking Program will release with it. This will incentivize people to use our card and purchase/buy ZBC. By buying X amount of ZBC, you will classify into a specific Tier. Depending on what Tier you are in, you will receive a certain amount of Cashback in ZBC tokens. People will also be able to purchase IRL with their Visa using ZBC tokens. On top of that, ZBC will be the governance token of the Zebec Chain. Every project that builds on Zebec Chain, will have to hold ZBC to pay for Transactions and be a part of the ecosystem. This will not only incentivize people to buy ZBC, but also hold. The more the Zebec Chain grows, the better for ZBC! Ibrar Rasheed: 3-Can you help us interpret how zebec cooperates with magna, SecondLive, and pancake in conjunction with zbc’s operation model? jj ortiz: Zebec has projects we work with on a constant basis. In terms of Magna, that was a project that we worked with even before I started so I don’t have alot of answers regarding that. I know they helped us on the tech side of things. We have partnered with Secondlive and we were integrated onto their Metaverse ecosystem. We are currently working on finding some other ways of working together. For Pancake — we were supposed to have an auction farm a few weeks ago but got postponed. You guys can follow us on Twitter for anything that might happen with them. We are working with a lot of projects to try and get some pools going with our ZBC token. We have recently partnered with Izumi, XY Finance and will be releasing a partnership soon with OpenOcean Ibrar Rasheed: 4- Since $zbc is the only oil burning fee in the zebec ecosystem, what are its consumption and release mechanisms? jj ortiz: ZBC’s total supply is 10b and it will release linearly w/in 3yrs and have the power to be prevented as per governance votes if community feels the team is not performing well. People will also be able to pay with ZBC on the debit card and want to make that one of our main currencies supported on our Card, incentivizing people to pay with ZBC. Once ZBC is spent for Cash, it should help with the burning of the token Ibrar Rasheed: 5-Zebec has built such a large ecology, and the zebec chain is a public chain, will the projects incubated in the later stage give airdrop to the holders of zbc? jj ortiz: It is something we are definitely interested in doing especially as we start onboarding projects from other blockchains. I think the way we will do it is as incentives for our Zepoch Holders, we want to be able to provide them the most benefits for validating tx’s that happen in the Chain. Therefore — projects that onboard with us that have their own token, we will explore performing airdrops to our Zepoch Node holders. If y’all are looking to purchase and be a part of the ecossytem and blockchain and own a node and gain passive income, you guys should go to our website and check it out! TWITTER QUESTIONS: Ibrar Rasheed: 1: I read that Visa has incorporated the first project Solana to its Fast Track program, and that project is #Zebec. What impact has this new Zebec listing with Visa generated? jj ortiz: Absolutely. I think it has generated alot of excitement in the community bc it adds another branch of products we can offer. All of our products are targeted for B2B specifically in the Web3 sector. Adding a Debit Card adds a retail product that anybody can use and even attracts people that want to get into the space. We are super excited for the release Ibrar Rasheed: 2: Zebec Pay is a low-cost payment solution that allows employees to be paid by their employers in seconds. Does this mean that Zebec’s payment will review some kind of an employment agreement between the employer and the worker before the worker begins his or her duties? jj ortiz: The company that wants to work with us and providing Zebec as an option of payment for their employee will have to disclose that with the employees themselves. Zebec is a great option for people that want to get paid in crypto, and if the employee chooses to be paid in Crypto — companies can use Zebec for that. The company will disclose this to the employee and as long as the employee. For now, we don’t do agreements if a company wants to use our App. They can go to our website and use it. As we keep growing, we have thought of adding more premium features and some pay structure around it for those premium feats Ibrar Rasheed: 3: With regards to DEBIT CARD, is it going to be a physical or virtual card? And if it is a physical card, will you be able to



AMA RECAP : CRYPTOSTALKERS x Pi NETWORK 💻DATE : 21st January, 2023 🕒 TIME : 4:00 PM UTC 🏠 VENUE : @thecryptostalkers 🗣: Guest 👨‍💻: Kris Kozma 🎖: Pi Moderator INTRODUCTION: Navi: 1: Can you introduce yourself to the community and the story behind creating “PI Network”? Kozii π: My name is Kris Kozma, the Pioneer community know me as Kozii, as that is my Pi username in Pi Network. I have been the longest standing Hungarian moderator in the Pi app, in the Hungarian chatroom. I have first stepped into the cryptocurrency scene in 2017. Since then, I have traded many cryptocurrencies, mined Ethereum, ran masternodes and contributed to different projects. However, in June 2019, things have changed for me: I found out about Pi Network on a business forum. Just like most people, I was also confused, so I downloaded the free app from the Play Store on my mobile phone, then started mining. After a few days, I’ve read through the FAQ and whitepaper itself, which opened my eyes to the possibilities of the project. Ever since that moment, I’ve been captivated, and even though there are over 40000 cryptocurrencies out there, Pi has stuck with me since then and I share the grand vision that Pi Network is all about. The story behind Pi Network goes like this: a couple of Stanford graduates combined their passion and expertise to create a new cryptocurrency, that solves the biggest problems with Bitcoin — not an uncommon story, right? Dr. Nikolas Kokkalis, one of the founders, was also the professor of Decentralized Applications class at Stanford University, who wrote his thesis paper on Distributed Ledger Technologies BEFORE Bitcoin was even a thing. Back to the point, that Pi is unique, however, because Pi Network does indeed solve the biggest problem of Bitcoin which is accessibility. In order to mine Bitcoin, you need tens of thousands of dollars worth of mining equipment, with a chunky monthly electricity bill alongside to keep the operation going — to even stand a chance at earning Bitcoin. On top of that, you need technical knowledge too. So, for those reasons, most people can’t participate in Bitcoin mining. Their only option is to buy Bitcoin. Navi: 2: What’s your slogan in Crypto mining Industry? How mining actually woks? Kozii π: “The first digital currency you can mine on your phone.” is the official slogan of Pi Network. In the Hungarian Pioneer community, I just say, “If you got a phone, you can earn Pi.” Just so everybody is very clear: before 2009, if you asked any person on planet earth what mining was, the answer would relate to a pickaxe and someone digging away for some precious metal such as gold or silver. Bitcoin changed this by introducing the Proof of Work consensus algorithm, where people can set up a node and use computational power from their hardware to solve complex, mathematical puzzles, and if they successfully do that, they get rewarded with Bitcoin. What needs to be said here is that PoW is undoubtedly proven itself over the years, but due to competition as in that everybody wants to mine and earn bitocin, it has simply become unfeasible for the common man. Pi Network, on the other hand, uses a delegated proof of stake algorithm, that derives from Stellar (XLM), which derives from Ripple (XRP) — both are established and been proven to work for over decade. Pi builds on top of the Stellar Consensous Protocol and also uses Federated Byzantine Agreeements for reaching consensous. Essentially, this algorithm is so lightweight, that anyone can set up a node on their computer to support the Pi blockchain, but most importantly, anyone with a mobile phone can download the app and start earning Pi. This is because individuals and nodes contribute to the consensus algorithm, in which return they receive Pi as reward on the Pi protocol. When Pioneers mine Pi, they contribute to a trust graph, which is information for the nodes (that are running on computers) to reach consensous. So, since 2019, we now have a new way of crypto mining for the everyday man and that is by utilizing our already existing resources such as social contacts and computers. It’s a quick, easy and simple way for anyone to get started in crypto. It’s not gold mining, it’s not bitcoin mining, it’s Pi mining. Navi: Can we mine without internet? Kozii π: Not without internet, no. YOu need interenet to START the mining session. After that, you’re good to go — you can close the app, no problem. But you need interenet to start. Navi: 3: In simple words please explain how we can get started with mining PI? Also how we can cash out or exchange PI? Kozii π: All you have to do is search “ Pi “ on the Play Store / App Store and download it for free. You simply register an account. You can enter without a registration code, but if you use an existing pioneer’s username — like “ kozii “ , or whoever else invited you — when registering, you both earn 25% more when are actively mining. We are currently in the enclosed mainnet phase of the project. Basically, we have had the Pi Testnet running for 3 years, the Pi mainnnet running for over a year, but this is a strategic decision by the Core team to focus on building utilities for the Pi ecosystem before we launch on the market. Right now, you can buy and sell products for Pi only, that is the only way, but once open mainnet has launched, then there will be no limits. How I look at it is that until everything is certain, there is more risk, but we get rewarded much more Pi in exchange. Once Pi becomes established and proven, the rewards go down as there are will be way more users. Navi: Yeah there is plethora of people wants to sell it so yeah



STALKERS X DECENTRAIADS  DATE : 11th July, 2022  TIME : 11:00 AM UTC  VENUE : @thecryptostalkers  Guest: : CEO and COO of DecentralAds INTRODUCTION: Ibrar Rasheed Q1: Enrich our audience with brief introduction about yourself and give us insight about what is DecentralAds? MK8: Hello I am the CEO of Decentralads. I run my own Marketing Agency in Europe. My Agency was awarded for its campaigns from Forbes and Clickfunnels for example. I founded DecentralAds because the cost of advertising doubled in the last 3 years. It’s getting harder and harder for advertisers to run profitable campaigns on Facebook or Google. We from decentralads run billboards in the metaverse and combine them with cool tweaks like S2S tracking and our own DECAD AI. DECAD Ads are way cheaper, because we cut out the middlemen making it possible to run transactions directly between the advertiser and the landowner with the billboard on his metaverse property. A_Dawg: Hi guys, I’m the COO of Decentralads. I joined the project to help revolutionize the advertising space and our innovative product and ecosystem will bring new transparency and efficiency to the advertising space. Ibrar Rasheed: Q2: Briefly can you tell us about what comes in you mind while creating DecentralAds? MK8: Actually how cool it will be for my agency and all the other advertisers to run ads on decentralads. But besides that, I experienced so much talented people working with me on DecentralAds. A_Dawg: For me personally, it was all about revolutionizing an industry and being the first in line to create new solutions for the web3 world. Market exists, expertise exists, all that’s left is to go live with the product  Ibrar Rasheed: Q3: What’s the latest developments of DecentralAds, How you’re removing middle men? A_Dawg: We have published our documentation and promotional material for the project. Our product ideation and prototype have been completed and development of the MVP will start shortly.As for removing middlemen, @mk863636 — your area of expertise MK8: We removing middlemen by implementing blockchain technology into the transactions.Right now we work on the automated pricing and on the decisionmaking ai when and where which ad is shown. Ibrar Rasheed: Q4: Please elaborate the Business Model of DecentralAds. Tell us more about $DECAD A_Dawg: Our business model is a cross between that of a SaaS platform and that of a marketplace.The business model for both our initial products (the DDN and the metaverse adspace marketplace) are quite similar with DECAD’s primary earnings coming from a slight take rate (single digits percentage) on the adspend through the platform.$DECAD token will be the primary token for transactions and will be used as the primary vehicle to share part of platform earnings with every holder Ibrar Rasheed: Q5: Please elaborate different services & products of DecentralAds? Please elaborate the upcoming big events of DecentralAds. A_Dawg: We have two primary products — DDN and metaverse adspace rentals. The DDN is a decentralized image hosting solution that will be the initial GTM product. And the Metaverse adspaces, AI sentiment/efficiency software and curated dynamic pricing systems will roll out after the DDN. MK8: We are opening our capital raise round soon. We will announce once the start of the public round (IDO/ICO) once our private round is filled (right now 80% is complete)


2023 CMC Crypto Playbook: According to CMC

2023 CMC Crypto Playbook: NFT Market — 2022 Recap and Outlook for 2023 by Sfermion In this section of the 2023 CMC Crypto Playbook, CMC spoke with leading metaverse-focused investment firm Sfermion on their outlook for NFTs as we head into 2023. Table of Contents CMC spoke with Mo Patel, investor from Sfermion to provide a detailed overview of the NFT market’s performance and growth during a challenging 2022, as well as what Sfermion considers the market’s prospects for 2023. Subscribe Join us in showcasing the cryptocurrency revolution, one newsletter at a time. Subscribe now to get daily news and market updates right to your inbox, along with our millions of other subscribers (that’s right, millions love us!) — what are you waiting for? Q1: How to measure the success of the NFT market in 2022? The NFT market in 2022 has faced such a decrease in volume due to the bear market and overall downturn that there was widespread concern that NFTs are dead. However, if you exclude bull market-driven 2021 as an anomaly in terms of volume and traction, the NFT market in 2022 is in fact thriving in many areas. The drop-off in NFT trading volume as compared to the smaller drop-off in NFT transactions shows that people are still using NFTs and that the downturn is just a broader market trend. For example, the rapid adoption of layer-2 solutions like Arbitrum and Optimism meant growth in unique addresses holding NFTs, which showcases the amount of building activities supporting the L2 space. Meanwhile, Polygon is also active in NFT business development and continues to draw stellar Web2 talent and clients to blockchain. Music NFTs are also seeing success on various platforms, with high sales volumes and increased minting. Web3 social platforms using NFTs in various ways are also gaining traction, such as Aave’s Lens Protocol that already boasts nearly 100,000 users since its May 2022 launch. In addition to a plethora of quantitative data to consider, there’s also ample qualitative data available that indicates that the recent NFT craze has led to an influx of strong Web2 builders entering the Web3 space to build with NFTs. This underscores the success of the NFT market and the global attention it has garnered in a very short time. These new entrants include leading Web2 founders and gaming studios who have built established and enduring products in the Web2 space and are now using Web3 and NFTs to supercharge new applications, such as NetEase, Pixel Gaming, Wildlife, Square Enix, Ubisoft and Zynga. Top-tier brands such as Gucci, Nike, Adidas and Prada are all onboarding NFTs in their marketing to connect better with their customers. Instagram, with its over half a billion daily active users (DAU), is now effectively an NFT marketplace. Reddit has come out of nowhere this year with its sudden implementation of NFTs (although they refuse to use the term) as a core technology in its digital collectible avatar program, bringing in a vast number of new users and wallet owners in the process. Web2 giants are also using the world’s biggest sporting and entertainment events, such as the World Cup and Super Bowl, to enhance In-Real-Life (IRL) experiences by leveraging NFT drops, as we saw with Coca Cola’s NFT drop at this year’s World Cup. Limit Break is planning a Super Bowl freemint for next year where you can scan a QR code and get a free NFT mint during the US’ flagship annual sports event. The above applications of NFTs allow for the seamless transaction of digital property rights and interoperable assets. Despite current market fluctuations, the continued involvement and innovation of top builders and brands in the NFT space are laying the foundation for strong growth in the future, as these projects come alive and, ideally, coincide with a market uptick. While there’s currently not much joy to be found in the crypto space in general, there’s cause to be bullish on NFT adoption and many web consumer applications. Whether it’s a bear market or bull market, the truth is that gamers are going to game and consumers are going to consume. If NFTs keep unlocking these digital property rights to allow owners to transact within these games with interoperable assets, it’s just a matter of time for quantitative data to pick back up. Viewed with this lens, 2022 can therefore be seen as quite successful for NFTs. Q2: Which NFT verticals and use cases have been a key focus in 2022? The main focus for 2022 has remained on Web3 gaming and related consumer services, such as loyalty and ticketing, while metaverse experiences and Web3 social applications have also garnered attention. NFT data analysis to track assets on-chain has also been a continuous trend which is somewhat well built out. We also saw a drop-off in the DAO and Guild tooling narrative, as play-to-earn (P2E) models crashed in 2022 due to the bear market, poor tokenomics and a general failure to deliver a compelling gaming experience to retain gamers. It’s clear that the industry is beginning to understand that Web3 gaming and metaverses will take time to go mainstream; therefore, the focus is shifting to building the right experiences and infrastructure around that. This change in focus will boost the following sectors: gaming infrastructure aimed at building better gaming applications, infrastructure on wallets and marketplaces, and NFT creations that can service more complex incoming metaverses as well as Web3 social applications and products that will help unlock Web3 intellectual property (IP). In 2021, the incredible popularity of PFP NFTs led to the creation of a significant amount of new IP, mainly consisting of pictures and images to interact with. The goal for 2023 will be to create more advanced gaming products and applications that can help unlock and enhance this IP through the potential application of AI-based utility or in-game utility. Q3: Why did NFT theses like NFTFi and SocialFi fall short of expectations in 2022? A few 2022 NFT theses failed to deliver on the massive

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